About cool&move®

cool&move® is the first bandage that cools (or warms as it can also be heated) and supports the joint in the simplest possible way. Cool-pockets being integrated into the bandage put the cold packs precisely where they are needed. The easy-to-exchange cold packs make cool&move® an indispensable companion for all who experience pain in the joints, need to cool or warm them as a result, but don’t want to be tied to the sofa during the process. Importantly, the cold packs can be used for both, cooling and warming therapies.

Life in today’s society has become more and more dynamic and exercising now is an integral part of many peoples’ lives. That active lifestyle, not only amongst young people but increasingly across all generations, helps create a new quality of life. But there is a flipside to it as well. As a result, the human joints and muscles are experiencing more strain. Injuries and stressed joints have become more prevalent. The consequential pain and many other symptoms require attention, immediate and regular cooling to soothe the effects. 

Joints being exposed frequent stress and chronic joint diseases often create on-going pain, which often is fought back with strong pain killing medication. In most cases, though, regular cooling would lead to a fast and effective soothing of the pain.“Cooling and simultaneous compression applied with a bandage is an ideal combination.” says Prof. Dr. med. Joern Michael, Managing Chief Medical Officer, Clinic for Orthopedics, Traumatology and Spine Surgery, at Marienhausklinikum St. Josef Bendorf, who further states “Cooling therapy is a well-known and effective treatment in physical medicine which has successfully been applied in treatments for centuries. Cooling can treat swellings in the acute phase very effectively for the joint to be mobilized and being functionally intact again early on.”


c&m_RGB_304dpi_kleinThose medical facts were the foundation of the development of cool&move®, a bandage with cool-pockets, and gave birth to a solution which is as straightforward as the brand’s name suggests – cool&move®cool&move® is the solution to cooling while stabilizing the joint affected (ankle, knee, elbow, wrist …) for an extended period of time while still enabling the user to move around freely and comfortably.* It integrates the cooling process into your daily routine – simple, better! cool&move® combines the advantages of an elastic, slightly stabilizing, bandage with the cooling function of a cold pack. The user can move around freely without stopping to apply the cold pack, respectively can keep the joint active whilst cooling it by moving around. Pain is soothed without changing life’s routines. Cooling at home, reading the paper, going shopping – cool&move® is your companion simply tagging along – cooling during any type of activity.

Basically, cool&move® are elastic bandages (similar to simple bandages offering slight joint support) with cool-pockets applied on either side of the joint. Any cold pack measuring 8x13cm fits into the cool-pockets, which are identical for all cool&move®-bandages.


Currently, cool&move® is available for the knee, elbow, ankle and hand in various sizes.


(* if not advised against by your physician)