• longer and extended sequences of cooling help against swelling
  • —cold packs can be used for cooling, but also be heated up to allow the warming of a joint
  • —cold packs inserted into cool-pockets can be exchanged any time, enabling long cooling or warming sequences
  • —the easy-to-exchange cold packs also allow a simple alternating of cooling and warming sequences
  • —compact in design, cool&move® is not bulky and can easily be worn underneath regular clothing, so users can also choose to “cool covertly” – in public or at home
  • —users can move around without interrupting the cooling process
  • —cool&move®’s elastic neoprene material allows for extended cooling sequences
  • —the inside made out of a unique honeycomb structure keeps the skin from becoming moist and enables a pleasant experience even during extended cooling sequences
  • —the cool-pockets are positioned for optimal cooling, put the cold pack exactly where it belongs and prevents it from slipping



Additional potential (medical) benefits of cool&move®

  • in case of an injury, the development of hemorrhages can be drastically reduced by cooling the joint, so that potentially the
    – physician’s examination, i.e. x-Ray or CRT, will not be affected by a large hematoma and thus can be conducted quicker
    – patient’s pain is continually/permanently reduced
    – healing process is accelerated as the initial joint irritation is mitigated, and thus, no time needs to be wasted for hemorrhages to diminish
  • in case of arthritis, gout, and rheumatism, cool&move® can be applied continuously, without disrupting the cooling process, as it can also be worn underneath clothing. It enables constant cooling of the afflicted area, potentially helping the condition retreat more quickly.
  • applying cool&move® to cool joints after sports practice or a competition, reduces the development of heat in the joint, and thus, can help reduce degeneration of cartilage tissue (prevention).
  • a constant cooling of artificial joints (endoprosthesis) with cool&move® enables the patient to move around freely while simultaneously mitigating joint irritations *


* If not advised against by your physician / when replacing a joint with an artificial joint, constant cooling can help reduce joint irritation and sensitivity – see healtheconomicscompliance/hta259_bericht_de.pdf

** Recommendations on these pages presuppose your physician’s approval. When in doubt, ask your physician first!