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cool&move® product range



Physicians recommend cool&move®

Prof. Dr. med. J. Michael: „Every sports club should have cool&move® as part of their first aid kit, especially during games season or tournaments to help athletes quickly and effectively in case they incur an acute trauma.“


cool&move® –  knee

sizes: S – M – L – XL


cool&move® – elbow

sizes: S – M – L – XL

VP-frei-Ellenbogen 0313_MoC_EB_7717Print+Pfeil-L-Kom

cool&move® – ankle

sizes: S – M – L

VP-frei-Sprung 0313_MoC-SG-7953Print+Pfeil-Kom


cool&move® – hand/wrist left and right

sizes: S – M/L

VP-frei-RHand 0313-MoC-HG-7598Print+Pfeil-KomVP-frei-LHand


cool&move® – refill


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