Cooling pain relief and support – made simple!

Strained, swollen joints need to be cooled. The more efficiently that is done, the faster and bearable the healing process. cool&move® bandages are the simple solution to this: using cool&move® bandages with the perfectly placed cold packs will enable you to cool more effectively – wherever you are, whatever you do.

A well designed cooling bandage that easily integrates into your day-to-day life.

Simply insert the cold pack into the cool-pocket, close the Velcro and enjoy the security that your joint is being cooled just right – without slipping, without limiting you in moving around, without you having to change your day-to-day activities.



Cools perfectly, fits perfectly – simple, better!

cool&move® bandages are ever present. They accompany you daily, cool and thus help when suffering from pain in the joints – be it the ankle, knee, elbow or hand/wrist. Enjoy moving about more again. No matter whether you are at home on the way to work, going about your household chores or are exercising: cool&move® bandages seamlessly integrate the cooling process into your daily routine – simple, better!

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