Prof. Dr. med. Joern Michael

Chief Medical Officer, Clinic for Orthopedics, Sankt Elisabeth Hospital GmbH

Cooling and simultaneous compression applied with a bandage is an ideal combination. Anyone knows the house remedy of wrapping a cold pack with a kitchen towel to then put it around the joint. But it only stays in place when you don’t move. As soon as you get up, that whole thing comes apart and the cooling process is disturbed. When you cool, it is important to do so at the right place. An dif the joint stays mobile and can be used, the user has two benefits in one.“


20140904 rev. Reichelt_RheumaLiga

Christiane Reichelt

mobil-editor (German Rheumatism-League): excerpt from full article

„.. newly developed bandages for the joints .., which both stabilize and cool the joint. .. Cool & Move .. a bandage, which is comfortable to wear und with which I practically “take along” the cold packs. .. The concept is simple: put on the bandage, insert the cold packs into the cool-pockets on the sides and close the Velcro – done! Thus, one can move about normally whilst cooling the joint in parallel – very practical! Furthermore, the easy-to-change cold packs can be exchanged without taking the bandage off. .. The cold packs can be also used to apply warmth. To do so, just put the gel packs in heated water or microwave them.

Source: 4/2014 – page 17, mobil, magazine of Deutsche Rheuma-Liga (German Rheumatism-League)www.rheuma-liga.de – translated by H. Wolfgang Katte



Norisha Campbell

Professional Volleyball Player and former member of the US Olympic team

„cool&move not only helps eliminate the soreness in my knees but it also makes my life as a professional athlete hassle free.“

Usage Study: cool&move®-bandages at the German Olympia Association at Rhein-Ruhr in Essen
(conducted by head physician Dr. Dietmar Alf) 

From November 2012 trough January 2013, Cool & Move UG supplied athletes with acute traumata or strained joints with their bandages.

The results of the cool&move® usage study ranks within the top 3% of all positive results ever witness at the German Olympia Association at Rhein-Ruhr in Essen. Participants in the study were 40 internationally successful top athletes in hockey, soccer/football, tennis, golf, track & field and triathlon with the following traumata/strain symptoms:

1. Supination trauma of the ankle (distorsion and partial rupture of ligament) – 22 athletes
2. Tennis elbow (thrower elbow)  – 7 athletes
3. Lesion of inner/outer knee ligaments – 11 athletes

Key results
1. 100% of all athletes cool their joints more regularly with cool&move®.
2. 100% of all athletes say that cooling with cool&move® immediately relieves pain.

3. 100% of all athletes say that with cool&move® they can get on with other day-to-day activities whilst cooling their joints in parallel.
4. 100% of all athletes confirm the ease-to-exchange cold packs ensure the product is simple to use and practical.

Athletes’ statements during the course of the study
„I know I need to cool regularly to become fit faster and with cool&move® I do that, as …
* … cooling is now possible without spending extra, dedicated time on it.
* … it is pleasant to wear the bandage (comfort).
* … I experience immediate pain relieve when putting cool&move® on.“

All athletes do recommend cool&move® to others.